Janey Cutler, Justin Bieber, Betty White

Chris Clark, PacificCoastNews.com; Craig Barritt/Getty Images; Barry King/Film Magic

Just as the world sat down after giving a standing ovation to Betty White's hilarious Saturday Night Live hosting gig, it got right back up on its feet again for the latest Susan Boyle wannabe, Janey Cutler, on Britain's Got Talent.

I knew we were onto something when we ran our "50 is the new 20" Sex and the City 2 piece, but, jeez, is 80 really the new 20? Or rather, the new 16, all Justin Bieber-style?

Who cares! Just enjoy the broads taking it back, why don't you?

I just trust all this older-gal stuff doesn't dry up faster than Betty White's old muffins, that's all. I mean, hope we're not back to the usual young-chick gratuitous stuff, like Miley pretending (or not, actually) to be a horny bird who looks like she got in while the peckin's good, instead of stuff that we're supposed to laugh and applaud.

We take it back, actually we like both.

But really, what is it with the new age-defying talent? There's Bieber who has been making a name for himself since he was what, 14 years old, all the way up to 80-year-old Cutler belting "No Regrets" and absolutely nailing it; even Simon was beyond happy! We're stunned at the anti-ageism there is in the singing world right now.

Betty White aside, can't say it's the same when it comes to actresses in this town. Really, hate to add to it, but shouldn't Jennifer Aniston be playing the mom roles, already? At least Betty knows how to have fun with her age; other chicks in the Biz need to do the same.

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