Tiger Woods, Nike Ad


"Withdrawing like that was a punk move. Big time. Tiger Woods' head isn't right."

—So fesses our Deep Tiger source 'bout how Woods withdrew on the seventh hole from the Players Tournament this past weekend, due a convenient "neck injury."

Whiplash from scoping the hoochies in attendance there, bud? Or nasty messages written in the sky?

Our Woods insider is quite familiar with Team Tiger and how they were pressuring him into getting back into golf faster than back into his marriage, but seems like karma is a bitch, because Woods was playing like total crap during the tournament! That is, because he was hurt, of course. Sorry, but the only injury we're believing is the big blow to his ego.

Still, seems like the universe hasn't totally screwed T.W. over—yet. Phil Mickelson didn't play as well as expected Sunday, so, unfortunately, Tiger still holds the title as the No. 1 Golfer in the World.

Insert "Player" for golf, and, that's something we can get on board with.

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