Reese Witherspoon, Jim Toth


Jake who?

Reese Witherspoon and her marginally handsome agent BF, Jim Toth, appear to still be going strong. Reese brought Jim along to watch her son, Deacon, play football with some friends at a Los Angeles park Saturday afternoon.

So, are things more serious between them? And how did the couple interact when the paparazzi weren't around?

Totally smitten with each other, natch.

Witherspoon and her current beau looked on from the sidelines as Deacon played pretty damn well at the park. Reese was wearing her typical casual ensemble, donning a UCLA baseball cap, loose-fitting khakis and sneakers. You know, conservative hip-mama wear.

"Reese and Jim seem so down-to-earth," an eyewitness tells E!.  "They sat on the grass and cheered, and then would sneak in a quick kiss when no one was looking."

Too presh! When's the engagement announcement, already? And could Gyllenhaal's pals be wrong, after all? This cuddly behavior, sans press and paps, could hint that this isn't exactly just a rebound fauxmance.

"Reese would grab Jim's arm with excitement when Deacon made a good play."

R.W. wasn't the only one that liked having Jim around. Son Deacon appeared to enjoy the company as well.

"Jim was high-fiving [Deacon] in between plays," adds our spy about the happy-looking threesome.

See, this is the kinda guy we could see Jennifer Aniston palling around with. First off, Jim seems pretty masculine, which is a start (we're giving Mr. Toth the benefit of the doubt here), and he's not a damn actor. Dating someone behind the scenes is so the way to go in this deceptive town of ours.

Hopefully, Reese sticks to recreational activities with her man and stays away from Starbucks. That will be the telltale sign this relaysh is not for keeps.

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