Lady Gaga isn't bothering with the poker face. She's very obviously annoyed.

The scene-stealing diva lashed out at Fox via Twitter Thursday, accusing the network of shoddy editing work when it came to her much-heralded performance on American Idol last night.

"FOX POORLY + AMATEURLY edited+cut my performance/musical arrangement on idol. Watch real version.," she wrote, prompting fans to go elsewhere for the full six-and-a-half-minute version of Gaga doing "Alejandro" (so to speak).

Not that Idol gave her short shrift, exactly. Almost five minutes of her pretaped performance were left intact, still a lengthy segment as far as whiz-bang live TV is concerned. Fox declined to comment on the singer's slam.

Anyway, watch 'em both, and let us know if you think Lady Gaga's art suffered as a result of the missing minute and a half.

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Want some unadulterated Gaga? Watch her "Telephone" video right here!

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