Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

After Christina Aguilera's disappointing "comeback" video, the Lady Gaga comparisons wouldn't stop. Well, now Team Aguilera would like to respond. Let it be known that Gaga copied Xtina before Xtina copied Gaga. So everyone's a winner? Or a loser? Hard to tell.

Because we know you want to get Miley Cyrus' bird look from "Can't Be Tamed," here's a video direct from the Aves Cyrus herself.

In non-Miley-music-video news, Beyoncé is the most amazing music video maker ever. But duh, right?

Ahhh! Sarah Jessica Parker's un-Photoshopped hands!

It's a battle of the worrisome baby photos: Gary Busey's pics versus The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa's Suri-esque heeled daughter.

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Well, hello Jake Gyllenhaal! You're looking pretty handsome in our Big Pic gallery.

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