Recognize the Reveler

AP Photo/Sergio Torres

You'd think it must have been pretty cold outside to necessitate a topper like this one.

But no, the dashing Spaniard sporting this fringe-trimmed beauty is neither braving the snowy Pyrenees nor modeling the latest advancement in Chia headware.

Heck, he's not even outside!

The actor whose boots make the cat man in his latest film was actually honored to wear this hat. Find out why—and who the heck he is—after the jump.

Antonio Banderas

AP Photo/Sergio Torres

It's Antonio Banderas, who was decked out in silver robe and cap on Wednesday to receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Malaga. The port city in southern Spain is also his hometown.

Shrek Forever After, the fourth and supposedly final installment of the hit franchise, opens May 21, again featuring Banderas as the voice of the swashbuckling Puss in Boots.


Antonio Banderas matriculated just in time to join our Graduation Gallery.

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