Since we were just talking about Katie Holmes perhaps having a misstep or two in her marriage to Tom Cruise, isn't it too funny this darling vid magically appeared!

So, of course, we thought it would be unfair if we didn't show you this gushing lovefest of a performance that reveals the superstar couple getting down—and almost naughty—on the dance floor.

Best part:

Katie treats Tommy like he's some kind of DWTS slave-stud! Why's that?

Because that's her dream, perhaps? To switch things around from the sometimes bossy way T.C. we're told can be with the Ohio native?

Look closely yourselves. You decide.

If you study TomKat's strut to "Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets" (complete with Katie belting it out all vampy like!), it's almost like you can see the sparks flying between them!

Or are we imagining this? Hmmm. Hard to tell.

The duo performed this little number for the "A Fine Romance" Benefit for The Motion Picture and Television fund May 1 at the Fox lot. And we think that their moves could warrant a potential career stunt for Tom, especially.

Dancing With the Stars, anyone? Since Cruise practically sits through the steamy performance, it may be good for him to partner up with a real pro, no?

Regardless, we can't tell you how fabulously relieved we are to see TomKat kick up their heels in public, regardless of whatever the hell's going on in private.

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