After some of the less-than-smooth American Idol takes on the Sinatra catalogue last night, Dean and Sammy (and JFK and any number of dead Sicilian mobsters) were probably up in Rat Pack heaven numbing their dissapointment with shots of Jack and calling Ol' Blue Eyes the Chairman of the Bored.

But while the hopefuls doing it their way wasn't rewarding, self-described adorer of Frank Simon Cowell couldn't have been happier, seeing as how he was gifted by Nancy and Tina Sinatra with an actual hanky once owned by their departed dad.

Judging by yet another appearance of Cowell's hairy, fresh-for-'78 cleavage, too bad they couldn't have given him one of Frankie's old wifebeaters.

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And remember, the Soup blog video gallery is always a rewarding experience.

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