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Some on-set drama went down in Vancouver last week, or so Lainey is reporting, while the cast was filming reshoots for Eclipse. And there are claims that Robert Pattinson was at the center of it all!

Reportedly, Rob showed up to Vancouver a day late, screwing up the shoot for the meadow scene, and his supposed attitude did not sit well with director David Slade.

So what does our source up in VBC tell us about the on-set vibe?

"It was tense up there," reports Deep Twi:

As we told you a while ago, the Twilight studio hasn't been concerned about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's love stuff for a while. Oh no, they could care less about the once Romeo-and-Juliet-type kibosh they once put on Robsten.

Summit's main concern right now? Eclipse, as we were told the film just wasn't coming together as the suits had hoped, with its summer release date right around the corner.

Hence the reshoots, or the "pick-up shots," as the studio preferred to call it—as to not worry the Twi-hards since "reshoots" sounds worse.

Needless to say, scheduling these shoots around Rob's, Kristen's and Taylor's schedules (as if the other castmembers had stuff to do) was not a walk in the meadow.

Says our source:

"There were very long days on set. Knowing that [Eclipse] is hitting theaters in exactly two months made everyone uneasy, since the film is not ready to go yet. It put a lot of pressure back on the cast and crew."

When asked if Rob's supposed late arrival had anything to do with the tense mood, our insider decided to bypass that question.

"We got what we needed done," fessed our insider in a "that's the end of that question" kind of way.


Again, this is our same in-the-know source who claimed that back during New Moon, R.Pattz was the easiest talent to deal with and so not a diva. Have things changed? Just a bad couple of days? Take our source's pleading of the Fifth how you will, but we don't think the down-to-earth scruffy stud has gotten all Russell Crowe on us.

As for the David Slade potential drama, we hear he has "no problem" with Rob and vice versa.

Still, the jury won't be out on Slade until June 30. If the movie rakes in all the millions they are used to, Slade will still have a place in the Summit family à la Chris Weitz, who is still the directorial favorite so far. Surely, that has nothing to do with New Moon's box-office success.

Chime in, Twi-lovers! Are you worried at all how the third flick is going to turn out?

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