Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images, Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Celebrity Sublebrity attorneys—they're just like us! In that they want this whole Jon Gosselin-Hailey Glassman mess to end as much as we do.

Hailey's attorney Stephanie Ovadia told E! News that the Gosselin-Glassman braintrust plan to meet up in an attempt to put this whole jail-threatening, apartment-ransacking, disappearing-complaint business behind both them and the pop culture-consuming public before the matter moves to court.

"We are going to sit down together and try and resolve all of the outstanding issues," Ovadia said. "This way both of them can move on. They are both young adults"—if you call a 32-year-old father of eight a young adult, that is—"and let them move on with their lives…they both have their own responsibilities they need to get to."

Ovadia said that no date has yet been set for the summit, but that once the meeting gets penciled in, the time will be announced. All the better to ensure their maximum press coverage privacy, presumably.

"Hopefully the two of them will come to some resolve where they can move on. I would love to see it happen and make 2010 a new, happy year for everybody!"

From her lips to Baby New Year's ears.


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