Lindsay Lohan, WWD

Courtesy of Robert Mitra for WWD

• Lindsay Lohan's not gonna let the haters get her down—she's ready to do this fashion line thing all over again. This time she'll be expanding her leggings line, 6126, into a full apparel collection, with the average price between $100 and $150. Sketches here. That La Lohan reign just won't let up.

Now that Tyra's show is over, her people are opening up about what a pain in the ass it is to work with her. Never woulda guessed that.

Newly single Susan Sarandon was spotted sharing a Nutella crepe with a much younger man at 2 a.m. During the crepe eating, they chatted and looked happy.

It's Tiger Woods' 34th birthday. Too bad no one knows where he is. We'd send him a birthday card or a ladyfriend jumping out of a cake or something.

Jonas Brothers double link! The rest of Kevin's princess wedding photos are here, and are the JoBros breaking up?! (Would that really be that shocking?)

Marc Jacobs is definitely having the best holiday vacation ever.


Dakota Fanning is wearing her nerd glasses and looks just the cutest in our Big Pic gallery.

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