Taylor Lautner, Miley Cyrus

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There's no age-minimum to be a candidate in our Ho Ho Ho Awards.

So those cute Disney and Twilight tykes have gotta be some of the most innocent lil' things on Earth, right? Please. Just because they're young doesn't mean they're not having tons of inappropriate fun:

Ho Ahead of Time: Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Lautner

Miley Cyrus The 17-year-old swung around a stripper pole, dated a 20-year-old male model, and topped it all off by meeting the friggin' Queen of England in a cleavage-bearing frock that would make Scarlett Johansson's boobs blush. If this is how she acts now, what ho-tastic activities is Miley gonna land in once she turns legal?

Taylor Lautner: Like Miley, 17-year-old Taylor can't keep his clothes on. But at least he's adorable while doing so. (And even sometimes in service of shapeshifter plotlines in Twilight.) Tay's always happily caught swooning the hot girl of the mo' (teen hotties Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift), whereas Miley does her dating on the sly. Ooh, those clandestine romances are always so juicy!

Ho Ho Ho Awards: Round 8!
Who was the bigger ho in 2009?
Happy Ho-lidays!
Check back on January 5th for the Awful results


Fun fact: Miley sings E! Online's song of the year! Check out Best of 2009: Killer Tunes

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