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Our 12 Days of Lost-mas--in which we give you scoop on the upcoming and final season of Lost—continues with a goodie today on a fan favorite many of you fear may be largely MIA when the series returns Feb. 2:

Desmond, a.k.a. Henry Ian Cusick.

Assuming the rumors are true that Lost's sixth season will center around that fateful Oceanic Flight 815, which Desmond was not on, does that mean we won't see Des?

Here's what I can tell you...

  1. According to sources, we will see Desmond again.
  2. Fairly early on in the season.
  3. His first appearance will be with one one of the Losties and the scene/encounter is very surprising.
  4. You guys are going to love it! (Honestly)

That's all I can spill for now, 'cause I'm told this is one surprise you won't want to be spoiled for...Check back tomorrow for more Lost-mas dish!

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