Angelina Jolie, Kate Gosselin


The Ho Ho Ho Awards are just getting started, and Round 3 today is sure to aid in your eggnog buzz on this Awful Christmas Day. Today's skank category is a certainly mischievous one.

Don't even try to mess with these two major manipulative mamas—taking care of a brood of babies (their male counterparts included) sure doesn't bring our their softer side:

Master Media Ho: Angelina Jolie vs. Kate Gosselin

Angelina Jolie Everyone still thinks Angie and Brad are Mr. & Ms. Perfect Family, soulmates in the happiest non-marriage ever. But we see right through this manipulative babe's press-friendly presence to the seductress we know she still is. (Though we're still wondering why she hasn't forced whipped Brad to friggin' shave, already.)

Kate Gosselin: The reality show mom wrapped the media around her pretty, wedding-ringless finger. Kate secured guest spots on The View and maybe even her own talk show. Even more impressive, this media ho somehow managed to convince the world that her oddball haircut was this year's answer to the Great Posh Bob of '07. Pretty damn good for an amateur.

Ho Ho Ho Awards: Round 3!
Who was the bigger ho in 2009?
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Check back on January 5th for all the naughty results
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