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Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola wants you to know that just because she's on Jersey Shore does not mean she's a girl without a brain.

"People watching the show wouldn't expect me to be going to college," Sweetheart says. "I'm a student. I'm really smart. I'm artistic. I'm unique. They just see the party side."

And the drama-queen side, too...

Within in a very short amount of time living in the Seaside Heights house, Sammi did some cozy flirting with The Situation, only to drop him after realizing she's way more into resident bulk of beef, Ronnie.

Even so, Sammi and Ronnie are not without their troubles. In one episode, muscleman Ronnie goes all mush and actually cries following a jealousy-induced argument with Sammi.

"It's real life," Sammi says. "It's real feelings and real emotions getting involved."

And as I was the first to tell you, the lovebirds are still together. "I always had a really good feeling about him, so I knew that we would make it far," Sammi says.

Are they hearing the sounds of wedding bells? "I'm only 22 years old," Sammi says, laughing. "I'm not thinking about marriage right now." (FYI: The next new episode, airing on New Year's Eve, does feature Ronnie meeting Sammi's parents.)

She is thinking about a career—and not necessarily one in reality television. "You know what I really want to get into?" Sammi says. "I'm really artistic, so I really want to get into fashion designing and fashion styling. That's, like, something I'm really, really interested in."

That could be bad news for Ronnie. He may have to start wearing shirts.


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