Brittany Murphy

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Shocker, but not really. A sources close to Brittany Murphy, whose friend was the late star's personal assistant for a quick second, has this to dish:

"He would pick up prescriptions under other names all the time. He was only [her assistant for] two weeks, so that tells you something. And you can pick up anyone's script. Getting the doctor to call it in is the hard part. You know how easy it is in LA to be a pill addict? And most of the hard stuff is generic, so you can pay cash and insurance never tracks."

The drug pickup scenario, unfortunately, makes a lot of sense...

The Coroner's report that was supposedly leaked apparently states that paramedics found a slew of prescription bottles in Murphy's home.

First of all, our source is right. Getting prescription drugs in this town is a cinch. That's why it's not uncommon at all for actors and actresses to fill their prescriptions in different names. That way they think it can't be traced back to them.

Not saying Hollywood is free of illegal drug problems, but this over-the-counter stuff is just as, if not more, deadly. We have a sad feeling this isn't going to be the last talented actress to meet a too-early death.

Lindsay Lohan, you paying attention?


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