Rachel Uchitel

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While everyone's trying to figure out where Tiger Woods is hiding (cruising to the Bahamas? secret night golfing?), In Touch would like to submit their theory.

The tabloid is reporting he's in a secret boat, not Privacy, docked near Rachel Uchitel's Palm Beach condo so the two can carry on with their affair. "They have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke," their source says. 

When E! News asked Rachel if she is still hanging out with Tiger, the master of the nonanswer text messaged this:

"I got a house here and 2 girlfriends have been here the entire time. I have family that lives in Palm Beach also, I planned this before November."

Neither a yes nor a no, although she does confirm she's in Palm Beach and a source confirmed to us that Tiger's boat has been docked in the harbor. Other than that, you're going to have to make up your own mind—just be careful how you phrase it.

—Reporting by Jason Kennedy

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Do you believe Rachel's explanation?


Awww, the rest of Tiger's girls must be feeling pretty left out now. Don't you forget them too; keep track of the gang right here.

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