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We're almost a month deep into Tiger-gate and it seems that not a whole lot has changed. Well, except for 13-plus possible mistresses coming forward.

Woods has lost a few endorsements, not to mention his "perfect" public image, but aside from that $164 fine, Tiger's future is more in limbo than totally destroyed.

Here's what our spot-on Tiger insider tells us regarding the current state of his business and personal affairs:

We know that wife Elin has been spotted recently sans wedding ring and plus moving vans, but so far no divorce papers have been filed. Still, don't think that means with all of Tiger's latest revelations she's agreeing to that post-nup anytime soon.

"If Elin is smart and has good advisors, she'll move quickly and strategically regarding the divorce," Deep Tiger dishes. "In spite of what I'm sure were lucrative offers to stick around and [stay married], Tiger is going to be less remorseful, more hurt, more embarrassed and more pissed if she decides to pull the plug."

Again, our insider is very familiar in dealing with sports players' bad habits, and how it affects their pocket book, not to mention career.

Elin has a better chance at, shall we say, getting even (or everything if you want to quote First Wives Club) if she moves now.

Adds our source:

"It sounds like she's planning to file in California if she files anywhere. Smart."

That would mean she would get half of their assets acquired while they were married.

So if Elin hits the road, are Tiger's sponsors going to bail, too?

"He's beginning to lose endorsements because he's not going to play golf," sasses our sly source. "These partners would have tolerated the alleged adultery, no problem. But not having Tiger out on the course? Different ball game. The partners that stick around will surely negotiate more favorable terms that acknowledge that he's going to be out of the limelight for awhile."

A lot of people in Tiger's camp think that if Elin does decide to go the divorce route, Woods will be back on the course sooner than he's anticipating. Hey, if he has no wife to schmooze back over, what's a guy to do besides hit a few golf balls?

So what do you all think Elin should do? Forgive and forget, or get outta there?


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