Remember when Audrina Patridge posed in a gold bikini while eating a Carl's Jr teriyaki burger? Or when Paris Hilton stripped down to suds up a car for a Carl's Jr. spicy burger commercial that was banned for being a little too spicy?

Well, Kim Kardashian probably isn't allowed to push greasy burgers since she's also a spokeswoman for Quick Trim's diet supplement, so she's hawking the fast food outlet's new premium salads instead.

In the spot, Kimmy rolls around in a robe and suggestively laps up dripping salad dressing before stripping down for a bubble bath.

Which makes total sense, because we always eat salad with our fingers while lying in bed.

"While the best things in life are's fun to get clean," Kim says before a shot of her topless in the tub.

Are we still talking about salads?

Either way, the clip is above for your viewing pleasure.


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