We'd like to take this moment to thank goodness for James Franco and Taylor Swift, without whom the 2009 season of Saturday Night Live would have been completely devoid of all laughter.

Franco, in all his grinning glory, took the stage Saturday night for the final SNL of the decade, and while most of the writing was expectedly lackluster, the Spider-Man star has charm and charisma to spare which led to an overall funny show.

As per usual, the monologue delivered the best moment of the night when the Golden Globe winner addressed his much-talked about decision to join ABC's daytime sudser General Hospital, and it actually all makes sense now. You see, Franco takes a simple approach to his acting craft—he draws a card out of a random idea bin! He was even nice enough to let us know what he'll be signing on to do in 2010: playing a dead body on Law & Order, of course.

There were a few other SNL highlights, too (seriously!)...

Former heavyweight Mike Tyson and 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer sat around and looked pretty in the recurring "What Up With That" sketch, Jersey Shore's "Snooki" stopping by "Weekend Update", and James Franco making out with a man!

So in conclusion, we'd like to make a plea to Saturday Night Live: please, oh please, take notes from hosts like Franco and Swift, and use more stars just like them when the New Year rolls around.


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