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Who knew us pop-culture types would end up having to join the Golf Writers Association of America?

That's what it feels like, anyway, as the Tiger Woods saga continues to unfold amid all the other Hollywood happenings that don't take a special membership (or, according to some of our most critical commenters, schooling of any kind) to cover.

And there were some doozies this week, but first...

1. Fore!: The Tiger Woods lady pipeline stopped gushing but is still leaking names, while E! News sat down with the endorsement-hemorrhaging star's first girlfriend and learned that teenage Tiger was devastated by his own father's cheating. Having no phone on which to text her, the AP's athlete of the decade ultimately wrote his high school sweetheart a pretty cold breakup note. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tiger and her bare left ring finger are looking great out there on their own, and Jessica Simpson assures us that she didn't let Tiger anywhere near her back nine over the summer.

2. SYTYCD WTF: Shane Sparks, also a judge on America's Best Dance Crew, became the latest So You Think You Can Dance choreographer to be arrested on suspicion of something heinous—in this case, alleged molestation of a teenage girl. But in far nicer news, 20-year-old Russell Ferguson, a krumper from Boston, won the show's sixth cycle. He sprained his ankle during the finale but had already won over America with his versatility, personality and impressive skillz.

3. Broke-Up Mountain: Just a few months after sitting down with InStyle to dish on "Life With Jake," Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have called it quits. He was the first boyfriend she had after divorcing Ryan Phillippe, so as far as rebounds go, this romance was epic.

4. Reality-TV Babe: Arriving in plenty of time for next year's Christmas card, Mason Dash Disick was born to Kourtney Kardashian and her boyfriend, Scott Disick. Though Kris Jenner told Chelsea Handler that she wasn't ready to be called "grandma," Kim K. says her ageless mom is secretly enjoying nana duties.

Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Randy Tepper/Showtime

5. Ex-Files: Look who isn't married anymore!

6. Team WWK: Dexter shocked everyone, including Watch With Kristin, on Sunday with its killer season finale! Theories abound about what's gonna happen now that—well, you know...Those Jersey Shore folks are awfully out there...We've also got some Glee and Mad Men scoop to keep you warm this winter, and WWK would like you to vote for your favorite scripted series of the year and the girl you'd like to see on top...P.S.: Jersey Shore has been keeping our very own Marc Malkin incredibly busy.

7. Twilight Zone: Rob and Kristen are acting "really sweet" with each other...Taylor Lautner hosted SNL and can't stop making post-franchise plans...Check out K.Stew doing something other than playing Bella (she's an actress, as well as the embodiment of all your Twihard fantasies)...R.Pattz had a hot Vogue photo shoot...Kellan Lutzcould be the Marky Mark of the 21st century.

The Hurt Locker, Jeremy Renner

Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

8. Tis the season: Golden Globe nominations are in...As are Screen Actors Guild Award noms...And WGA Award nods...And Critics' Choice Award noms...Critics across the land are loving The Hurt Locker...We've got some Best Original Song Oscar possibilities...Is Iron Man 2 or Wonderland or Robin Hood an early favorite for an Academy Award nod in 2011?

9. Hodgepodge: Melissa Rycroft tied the knot...LeAnn Rimes is getting officially divorced...As are Beyoncé's parents...Tom plus Gisele equals Benjamin Brady!...Leelee Sobieski's a mom...Joey McIntyre's a two-time dad...Kendra presents little Hank...Rihanna went topless...Chris Brown went Twitterless...Melanie Griffith is cancer-free...Jude and Sienna, back togetha?...Courtney Love lost custody of her kid...Top Chef: Las Vegas Fan Favorite Kevin Gillespie is in the middle of a divorce...ABBA's headed to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...R.I.P., Roy E. Disney...Happy b-day, Taylor Swift.

10. Happy Old Year!: It's been a long year, which is why you need EOL to do the heavy lifting. Don't hurt yourself—you're just a click away from the Best of 2009!


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