Why yes, we definitely need another contrived romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston. Thank you for The Bounty, Hollywood. Looks so fun.

• While we're at, we could also use more celebrity fragrances, so it's a good thing Beyoncé is getting into the game. Coming this February: Beyoncé Heat.  Look at the hot ad; don't you just want to smell like that?

Here's a video of Olivia Munn jumping on a trampoline in a bikini for her Maxim cover. In the very same issue, Stephanie Pratt makes a rather disturbing attempt at being sexy.

Our own Ryan Seacrest is in Parade this weekend. Did you know he has a lot of jobs? Like so many.

• Rihanna premiered her newest music for "Hard," where she aims to prove how strong she is now after The Incident. Someone break it down.


We can always count on Jon Gosselin to bring a certain air of coolness to the Big Pic. Just look at him.


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