Robert Pattinson

AP Photo/Christophe Ena

After Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's successful private date night, we're feeling even better about Robsten's current status. Aren't you?

We're super glad these overworked kids have had a break from the flashbulbs as of late and have been able to successfully evade, well, us, for a bit (but certainly not always).

Unfortunately, what happens when the two are MIA is the tabs and AT message boards go crazy with ridiculous Rob and Kristen hate each other stuff, and there's always a new gal Rob is linked to. Even his manager, Stephanie Ritz, has been victim of supposedly falling under R.Pattz's spell. Ya right.

So does Kristen have anything to worry about? Who are you most concerned will crawl all over Rob, say, Megan Fox style?

Awful's Rob-Eater Poll
Who is Kristen's competition right now?


All the ladies go nuts over Rob! Check him out in the If Looks Could Kill gallery!

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