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Kristen Stewart, Eli Roth, Daniel Radcliffe, Zach Galifianakis

Summit Entertainment; The Weinstein Company; Warner Bros.; Paramount Pictures

Big year at the movies, right? Aliens, vampires, drunk guys with babies and Sandra Bullock all kept us from thinking too hard about health care or war or whatever was actually happening—who can tell with all these aliens and vampires everywhere!

As our Best of 2009 extravaganza continues, it's time to see what you loved the best. The critics and Big Hollywood dig The Hurt Locker and Precious and such (see E! Online critics' picks here), but then everybody went to see New Moon, Transformers 2 and—apparently—Avatar instead.

So what's the best movie of 2009? You tell us—take the poll or drop your pick in comments:

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