Demi Moore, Twitter

All Demi Moore's trying to do is get the word out about her perfume Wanted with some TwitPics (she apparently is in charge of marketing the stuff all on her own...recession?) and some random had to go and call her neck old looking. Demi's response: "I'm 47 how am I supposed to look?"

Between the volcano-making kit and more recent craft store shoppingCarey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf are officially the cutest couple ever.

Tiger is using secret night-golfing sessions to work through his transgressions. Us says he's alone, but who knows with this guy.

You can all thank Life & Style for giving you what you didn't even know you wanted for Christmas: a photo of Octomom in her sexy Santa costume with her eight babies!

Courtney Love wraps up her week of crazy with some half-naked pictures in Dazed and Confused magazine.


Anyone else not really feeling that hot-pink bag Sarah Jessica Parker's been carrying around lately?

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