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Nerd Herders of the world unite! Chuck is thisclose to its triumphant return, and boy do we have a few treats for you. Charles Bartowski is rocking some seriously smooth moves, the Buy More biz is back in action, Jeffster is locked down in reunion tour rehearsals and Sarah and Casey are Intersect-bound, once more.

Our recent chat with Chuck masterminds Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, along with Special Agent Carmichael himself, Zachary Levi, gave us all sorts of insight into what's happening in the highly anticipated season four, so first thing's first: How the heck did we end up back at that Burbank department store?

Return to the Nerd Herd: Someone's Benihana dreams were cut short, and thus, the store setting is back. "The Buy More will always be a dysfunctional hot bed of competing, bizarre personalities," Josh says. "They're going to face their own challenges this year, cutbacks and potential management overthrows, a new assistant manager coming into the mix. Someone you may know from the show." Your favorite employees are back, too. "Jeff actually has gotten weirder this year, if that's even possible." And don't worry, the musical awesomeness that is Jeffster will be resurrected at some point this season.

As for Adam Baldwin's badass Casey, look forward to big things heading his way. According to Josh, "When Brandon Routh's character comes into the show, he's this mysterious hot-shot guy who's being asked to lead the team, and obviously, Casey doesn't like answering to anybody, so there will be some friction there. A lot of friction for Casey this year is going to actually come at the Buy More, where he's going to be given more responsibility—and without giving too much away, he may find the Buy More to be potentially his future." Apparently, there are some big Casey revelations on the way, which Chris explains: "Casey is harboring a secret of his own that he's kept quiet to the team, and that's going to come into play this year as well." Let's just hope it involves a ladylove for the spy!

Chuck 2.0: Zach loves the new moves that come along with playing the new version of his spy alter ego: "For two years I sat on the sidelines and watched Adam and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) kick bad guys' butts and was very jealous of that. Not that Chuck should have been able to do it at that point; he was much better at running away or screaming a little girl. But now that he has this new intersect and the abilities that come with that, he is able to lend a hand in the kick buttery if you will." Oh yes, we definitely will.

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Bromance Breakup? Maybe so, says Zach, who tells us that his secret spying "continues to put a strain on our bromance. It's difficult because Chuck and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) have been best friends since they were young kids, and over the past two seasons, Chuck has had to distance and distance and distance himself from his best friend to try and keep him safe. His entire personal life is always kind of at risk depending on how much they know or how close they are to the danger he is now involved with. Also, how he is able to lie to them day in and day out starts to really have an affect on their ability to just be friends." The new roomie situation doesn't help much, either. "Morgan moves into Chuck's place, and they have a bachelor pad that's good for a little while, but eventually it makes it worse in some ways because they are so close in proximity that Morgan sees how absent his friend and friendship are," Zach explains.

Guest Stars Galore! If you haven't already heard about the bevy of stars coming on board the Chuck express (aside from big-timers Brandon, Kristin Kreuk and Angie Harmon), the show runners break it down for you: "Vinnie Jones—I don't think he's really done any television before, so we're having him come in and play a bad guy and bring that sort of that Guy Richie villain energy," says Josh. And Chris continues: "When you're trying to cast the Castro-like dictator, Armand Assante is the perfect guy. When you're trying to find someone to be the kind of ominous soldier from Casey's past, Robert Patrick [is] just fantastic." And Josh wraps it up, saying: "If you're Chuck on a plane, and you flash on a bad guy who you're going to be trapped on a plane with and who you have to then defeat and that person is as terrifying as Stone Cold Steve Austin, viewers are then really on that journey with Chuck." And Zach imparts this piece of wisdom: "I do fight Steve Austin—and there might be nunchucks involved."

Cat's Out of the Bag: Chuck's spying secret is going to be revealed once more, says Josh. "Somebody else this year is going to learn Chuck's secret. Also, Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) is going to find himself more involved on the spy side of the story, so hopefully all elements of the show feel like they're evolving and changing and growing in really new and exciting ways."

If you loved this little taste of Chuck goodness, then get ready. We have lots more scoop to share from our set visit in the coming weeks.

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