With as many women as Tigers Woods has allegedly bedded, there's no doubt some of them will run into each other from time to time.

And that's apparently what happened the other night...

We hear that Jamie Jungers recently approached Jaimee Grubbs at Hollywood nightclub MyHouse. Grubbs, we're told, politely told Jungers to stay away from her.

"She [Grubbs] hasn't talked to Tiger since the scandal broke, and she's done with it," a source close the Tool Academy alumna says. "She wants to be disassociated from the whole thing. She just wants to do her own thing."

Grubbs hasn't exactly gone into hiding. Just last night, she helped promoter Josh Selley of the Hollywood Clique celebrate his birthday at Coco de Ville in L.A.

Grubbs arrived with a slew of girls along with her gay best friend roommate. She spent most of the night by their side at a booth on the outside patio area, where she also sipped a little champagne.

Grubbs hung around for three hours, taking off at 12:30 a.m., but not before facing a horde of paparazzi at the valet station.

—Reporting by Dahvi Shira


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