Randy Quaid, Evi Quaid

Marfa Police Department

That hotel bill was nothing. Now their law-skirting antics are going to cost Randy and Evi Quaid some serious cash...and possibly jail time.

The legally challenged dynamic duo failed to appear at a scheduled hearing in California today and were immediately deemed felony fugitives.

"The court forfeited the bail bonds that had been posted and issued new warrants for $40,000 each," Lee Carter of the Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office tells E! News. (Bail for both Randy and Evi had previously been set at $20,000 apiece.)

Carter adds that the office currently has no information on the whereabouts of the Quaids, who have repeatedly failed to show despite promises.

The Quaids are accused of skipping out on a $10,000 bill at a local hotel and were last spotted raising a ruckus in their native Texas.


The Quaids aren't the only ones to cut a fine figure under the flourescent glare of the PD flashbulbs. Check out who else has been busted recently in our Mug-Shot Mania gallery.

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