Remember a little known news story from way back in September when a young country artist by the name of Taylor Swift won an MTV Video Music Award—presented by a certain New Moon werewolf—and was so rudely interrupted by a hip-hip superstar known as Kanye West?

In a Saturday Night Live monologue that could easily be deemed less than timely, the shirtless wonder that is Taylor Lautner graced the stage and demonstrated what might have happened that night, had he shown a little more chivalry and acted much quicker on his feet.

Mannequins donning Swift and West masks joined Lautner on air as the Twilight stud kicked some serious Kanye butt, first showing off his smooth bostaff twirling moves, then literally knocking the head right off of the West stand-in. (Side note to tweens: the T-squared romance was all but confirmed on SNL, so read into his performance what you will.)

The rest of the episode was comprised up of one too many Tiger Woods jabs, and a cutesy Team Jacob/Team Edward sketch, with Lautner playing a fan of the latter to a tee.

Next up? James Franco. We're just anxious to see what type of soap opera skills the movie star will bring to the small screen.


New Moon mania is so November. It's all about a Total Eclipse these days.

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