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Season two of the syndicated fantasy series Legend of the Seeker has seriously taken things up a notch (all while keeping dastardly but dead hottie Craig Parker employed as Darken Rahl, no less!), and we are positively dying to know what happens next in the Midlands, so we dialed up show runner Ken Biller for the exclusive scoop on the remainder of season two.

Here's what we learned about the episodes to come, including the significance of Richard Cypher's (Craig Horner) detour from the throne, how Kahlan Amnell's (Bridget Regan) burden as the last Confessor could tear her away from the Seeker, and the magical loophole that might allow them to finally have some forbidden sex...

Richard Cypher, the Seeker of Truth: "Richard is confronted with whether or not he made the right decision by turning down the throne of D'hara. Would it have been better decision for him to take power and try to seize control of an army to follow him and help him in his quest? In the books, at the beginning of the second book Richard is the Lord Rahl—he has taken the throne of D'hara—but we thought it was not as interesting for us to tell a story about a guy who was already a king. You want to have characters who have less power and more obstacles."

Impossible Sex Becomes Possible? "The show is sexier this year. We have two characters who have discovered that they were in love, but because of the natural conundrum that they are in, the sexual part of their relationship has been forbidden to them. It's an interesting challenge to make sexy what, by its nature, has to be a chaste relationship. I will tell you that that we have not seen the last time where circumstances create the conditions by which these two characters may in fact be able to fulfill their sexual desires for each other."

Kahlan Amnell, the Mother Confessor: "Throughout season two, Kahlan's struggles with this incredible responsibility of being the last Confessor. Specifically, she struggles with how to continue the line of Confessors while remaining true in her love to Richard. Also, her responsibilities as a Confessor may be compromised by her desire to continue the quest with Richard—she questions whether or not she's continuing on because of her personal feelings for him or because that's the right thing to do."

The Sisters of the Light and the Sisters of the Dark: "Jolene Blalock is sexy and fantastic in two episodes that are part of a big arc in January. She plays a very mysterious character called Sister Nicci. We don't know for a while if we should trust her or not. Richard begins to manifest powers and abilities that he didn't know he had, and in order to deal with those, he has to separate from the group. He goes off with the Sisters of the Light to a place called the Palace of the Prophets. I'm very excited for the audience to see the episodes about the Sisters of the Light and the Sisters of the Dark. It's very intriguing mythology that gets at the heart of whether or not Richard is going succeed on his quest and whether or not he's the master of his own fate. I think the show kind of gets better and better as the season goes on. Right after Christmas we have a really terrific run of really exciting episodes."

Cara, Freelance Hottie and Mord'Sith: "We'll see Cara's unfolding humanity. She's a severely damaged woman who was robbed of her childhood, a sense of compassion and empathy for other people. But slowly, over the course of time, she is learning how to engage in the most basic of human interaction. It's a source of pain for her, humor for her, trouble for her, but it gives us a lot of story material. Also, we'll see that Cara and Kahlan become very grudging allies. They don't particularly like or trust each other, but their relationship evolves in a very interesting way, as they get to know each other better and have more experiences together."

Zombie Madness: "One of our characters during the course of the season will in fact die and become a baneling, I won't tell you who or how."

Eek! Who do you think is going to die? And what else do you want to see from season two?

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