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Tiger Woods isn't the only one who didn't practice safe texts.

A trainer in Indiana is facing such accusations after allegedly bombarding Ashanti's mother with obsessive, often graphic and always creepy text messages about her star daughter earlier this year.

It's unclear if 31-year-old Devar Hurd personally knew the family or how he may have obtained the cell phone number of Tina Douglas, but obtain it he did. Before his arrest in July, authorities say he hit send on dozens of notes, expressing jealousy over Ashanti's relationship with Nelly, recapping dreams he had with him and "Shani," detailing explicit sexual situations and offering career advice.

"Hey Tina baby, how u doing sexy," one of the messages, sent in May, read. "Tell Shani I'm coming straight home from work to put in sum overtime. U know how I do, LOL."

As for his photo-inclusive texts, all we can say is WTF...

Prosecutors say Hurd also sent a series of both lewd and downright scary photos to Ashanti's mom, including pictures of male genitals (presumably his own) and a photo of the Douglas family home, along with a request to stay over.

"Here's a pic I had laying around for the ladies in sum of my birthday suit lol," a photo-included message sent on May 30 read.

"I had a dream about us shani," read another, sent in June. "We was at your place and had a event and u was singing. I was feeling so good because we was finally past this and living together."

Ashanti's mother first filed court papers back in February to stop him from contacting her. Hurd has pleaded not guilty to three counts of misdemeanor stalking and more than two dozen—reports are inconsistent, but place the tally somewhere between 26 and 28—counts of aggravated harassment. He is currently being held on $50,000 and faces up to two years in prison if convicted.

The trial is expected to kick off in New York next week.


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