Barbro Holmberg, Elin Woods

AP Photo/Scanpix Sweden, Pontus Lundahl; Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

There may be a ton of anger floating around Tiger Woods' Florida estate these days, but, this morning, it was filled with fear.

When a woman—either wife Elin Nordegren or her twin sister, Josefin—dialed 911 for the golf star's mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg, the caller was clearly terrified.

"She's fine," she says. "She's talking to me. She said she collapsed and she fainted. She was down for awhile. I heard her fall and then I ran in there and tried to get her up."

Elin/Josefin confirms her mother is not injured and breathing fine.

"I'm sorry. I got so scared…it's not urgent though now," she apologizes, but accepts the dispatcher's recommendation that they still send an ambulance to check her out.

As you know by now, Holmberg was taken to Health Central Hospital in Ocoee for stomach pains and was released earlier this afternoon.


Get a load of Tiger and his family in happier times.

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