The Amazing Race 15, Cast

Monty Brinton/CBS

When the chips were down in Las Vegas, one team counted on each other to become the latest winners of The Amazing Race.

The final trio of competitors – former Miss America Ericka Dunlap and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt, young couple Meghan Rickey  and Cheyne Whitney, brothers Sam and Dan McMillen – raced to Vegas for a final set of jaw-dropping challenges, which included scaling down the face of a casino, trying to attain flower power at Cirque du Soleil's The Beatles' Love and, gulp, knowing some basic geography. (Guess which one is hardest!)

And after all that and a tableful of chips, one team emerged as the million-dollar winner of the 15th installment. Who was it? Read on…

Amazing Race, Meghan Rickey, Cheyne Whitney

Monty Brinton/CBS

Meghan and Cheyne are the winners.

Following a potentially devastating foul-up as the couple struggled to figure out the name of Monaco's most famous casino, the pair ultimately prevailed and dashed first across the finish line—located at the home of "Mr. Las Vegas" Wayne Newton—and into the waiting arms of host Phil Keoghan.

"The whole experience in itself was life-changing, and the money is not even as important as what we got to do together. It was the perfect race. It could not have been any better," said Cheyne.

Spoken like a true winner.


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