• If you've ever thought Tyra was full of beans, apparently you're right. To put it another way, if she asks you to pull her finger, don't.

• At 65, Rod Stewart has learned a lot. Especially about utureses.

• Were you disappointed last Christmas when you couldn't find a photo of David Hasselhoff, shirtless, wearing a Santa robe inscribed to you with a replica Hoff signature for $14.95? This year you won't be.

• There is one man on the planet who thinks the Victoria's Secret models have butts that need improving. And he wants to have a hand in it.

• There's no denying the hilarity when Joel McHale logs some couch time with Craig Ferguson. Unless you're Ryan Seacrest or Oprah. Which you aren't, so yuck it up!


Don't know about you, but we're always happy to more Victoria's Secret models.

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