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Dear Ted:
I totally agree that Jennifer Garner is a total you-know-what, but did her personality ever match her public "sweetheart" persona? There has to be some reason Ben Affleck initially fell in love with her! But, then again, fellow Bostonians tell me that Mr. Affleck isn't the most pleasant of men. To put it bluntly, during the original Bennifer days, J.Lo was considered the most approachable and friendly of the pair whenever they were around Beantown.

Dear Odd Couple:
All I have to say is when poor Taryn Ryder was chewed out by Garner for no discernable reason, completely unprovoked, Jen's true colors came flying out. At least Ben—who, by the by, has come leaps and bounds from his naughtier days, behaviorally speaking—knows how to put a lid on it.

Dear Ted:
Like zillions of others, I am a huge fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, mostly because she seems like such a genuine person instead of an over-inflated celeb. Is she as "real" as she portrays herself to be or are her PR people just very good at earning their money? PS I think you are fabulous, never change!
Dana (Amsterdam)

Dear Hot Mama:
Carrie Bradshaw SJP is not. She's much more calculating than you'd think. She's nice, but she's also your typical high powered actress. Maybe even a tougher version than most folks realize.

Dear Ted:
Since Robsten has essentially "gone public" to those that aren't blind, I have read so many implications and suggestions, from every angle, that Summit (at least at one point) played a large part in how they handled their relationship and how the public perceived it. In no way do I see any of it as a PR stunt, but I do get the feeling Summit held power sometime down the Twi timeline. Is any of this true? How do you feel about Summit and how they've handled the entire Twi phenomenon, especially in regards to Robsten! Tehehe!

Dear Power Trip:
Welcome to the party, hon! Yes, Summit was very influential in how Rob and Kristen would handle their relationship—both publicly and privately. Think once they realized the public liked Robsten together more than apart (you're welcome for that, suits) they let Rob and Kristen control it more. They like the privacy.

Dear Ted:
Referring to your comment about George Clooney introducing Elisabetta Canalis to his mother, don't you think it strange that—in the pictures of them eating sushi in Rome—she is hanging all over him like a wet shirt but his body language isn't really that reciprocating. Plus, I am sure her previous film experience is interesting to his very Catholic dad, what with her playing a naked/licentious nun in a cheesy flick with Hayden Christensen. This guy makes interesting "love connection" choices, doesn't he? Love ya lots!
AT Peep

Dear Italian Lover:
That's just Clooney being Clooney. He's known as the hottest bachelor with the low-key GFs. And wouldn't you be all over him if you were her? She doesn't have what it takes to hang for much longer though.

Dear Ted:
So this morning you put Rob in your Sneaky Bachelors list and then tweet that K.Stew is a smart single girl...trying to let everyone down easy? No more Robsten? Love,

Dear Tricky Words:
Well technically, if she's not married she's "single," right?

Dear Ted:
The love lives of other Twilight cast members mainly go unnoticed, but I saw pictures and an article saying that Ashley Greene was being linked with Kings of Leon member Jared Followill after being seen with him in NYC. Now People magazine is reporting him and Julianne Hough being all lovey in Nashville. Any of this true?

Dear One Night Stands:
Nothing's official with Ash and Jared. She's a flirt, so I'm sure he didn't mind. You know those musicians like to have fun their fun!

Dear Ted:
Thank you for all the Ryan Gosling goodies this past week. That story on him leaving the gym was hot, hot, hot! Please tell me that there's still something there between Ryan and the equally hot Rachel McAdams and it's only a matter of time before they reunite again. He's 29, she's 31, so it's about time they settle down together. They are just so meant to be! Love ya!

Dear Sexy Stud:
He def is a hunk of sexy, but doesn't look like he and Rach will be getting back together anytime soon, unfortunately. But hey, maybe there's hope in the future for those two! And if not, RyRy is on the market ladies...go and get him!

Dear Ted:
I gotta tell you, I'm so freaking sick of people talking crap about Miley Cyrus. The people who comment on stories about her on E! Online are some sick, horrible people full of hate. The things they say about her just blow my's ridiculous. They are calling her a "whore" and a "slut," which is so false because last time I checked those words meant someone who sleeps around, and that is not Miley. She is a truly talented girl, and if people would stop judging her every single move then they would see that. Ted, what do you think of Miley and of the people who say these hurtful things?

Dear Miley's #1 Fan:
Is "Party in the USA" on my iPod? Yes. I like her music, think she's a really talented girl. But she is just like Britney Spears (sorry for the obvious comparison but it's true). This is no goody-goody girl. Miley's got a frisky side to her, too. 

Dear Ted:
What's in Nicole Kidman's closet? I find something incredibly odd and off about that woman and it isn't that she looks nothing like a former shadow of her 1983 self. That's the obvious scary stuff. Now, let's get into the truth she doesn't want us to know. By looking at her, I can tell she holds an arsenal of secrets and not all about Tom Cruise. That girl's crafted her own schemes.
Third Lip

Dear Sneaky Kidman:
Nic seems to be a very devious creature, but for starters, she's a little...not fun. And she's actually kinda boring to me, lately (sure didn't used to be), but we'll see what comes out!

Dear Ted:
First, luv your column it is always one of the bright spots in my day. Now, how is it Ben Affleck is having such an unpleasant time in his marriage but his bestie Matt Damon seems to be doing wonderfully? Maybe Ben should look up to Matt as a role model instead of just his loveable Oscar buddy?

Dear Bestie Pointers:
Matt chooses better women. Plus, like Matt told us this week he knows how to stay out of the gossip rags. He's a normal guy! Normal by Hollywood standards, that is.

Dear Ted:
My best friend, who spent much of his 20s in the closet, claims that no closeted gay man would portray a gay man on film or stage because he'd fear people guessing his real orientation. I say that's nonsense and that some of your juiciest BVs have done just that. Who's right?
Straight Girl

Dear Swap Roles:
But if closeted gay men portrayed a gay man on film, it would make you think that he isn't gay, right? It's sort of a reverse psychology, if you will. And many several gay stars have opted for the tricky-dicky route.


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