James Franco, FAKE, Mug Shot


As if major movie-star James Franco's ballsy stint on General Hospital wasn't enough to get fans in a tizzy, now the seriously hot stud is really pushing it.

Franco's playing a criminal who sleeps around for all the wrong reasons, and one of the best results is JF looking totally whacked out and majorly greasy in a mugshot—for the show, of course!

Totally love it. And, come on, you sissy malcontents who can't take the beauty of what Franco's doing with his very interesting career (it's called variation, idiots), don't you know Jimmy's the more delicious the dirtier he gets?

You know, just like somebody named...

Robert Pattinson, in case you haven't heard. As when R.Pattz doesn't always brush and polish himself as much as some tight-ass folks say he should, it doesn't—at all—lessen him in our dude-discerning eyes. In fact, it makes Rob (and James) even more studly!

See, we've decided the hotness a man can attain even when he's living—or playing—a guy who's acutely allergic to metro-sexual scrubbing habits, is s true measure of a star's wow-wattage. It's like, jeez, don't bother with the shower, sweetheart, you're fine to sidle up right by us without even bothering!

And James and Rob have that quality in spades.


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