Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner

Andrew Shawaf / Pedro Andrade, PacificCoastNews.com

It doesn't get much more wholesome than this.

Proving that they are in fact the antidote to oversexed, oddly-tatted teen stars, Taylors Swift and Lautner continued their campaign of low-key and PG canoodling last night, cozying up on—and OMG off!—set.

While, save for the odd trip to the hockey rink, the only lovey-dovey Taylor Squared sightings we're normally privy to take place in front of the Valentine's Day cameras, last night was apparently date night for the dynamic duo.

Fresh off of dominating the Grammy nominations and box office, respectively, the couple started the day by filming a few more scenes for their star-studded romantic comedy before leaving the set together in Lautner's no doubt New Moon-funded gray Porsche Turbo.

They wasted no time in getting their hibachi on, dining at nearby Japanese fave Benihana before making their way, parental entourage in tow, to the nearby Menchie's. While there, the Taylors, along with Swift's mother and bodyguard, all dug into some self-serve frozen yogurt, but not before taking time to pose with fans.

It's so sweet, you could get a cavity just thinking about it.


Not to be pervy or anything, but did you see Taylor Swift's bikini video?


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