Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Steve-O's nose is officially clean.

The Jackass star has a less crowded rap sheet today now that a judge, pleased with Stephen Glover's progress and commitment to staying sober, has dismissed a cocaine-possession charge against him.

The London-born shockmeister pleaded guilty to felony possession last year after being busted for making a ruckus with a fellow tenant at his Hollywood apartment house. Police found coke when they arrived at his place.

"He earned his way to a dismissal," attorney Barry G. Sands said after court. "He had to stay clean and sober and criminal violation-free for 18 months."

And so Steve-O did, instead choosing to occupy his time with rehab, Dancing With the Stars, the fight to legalize gay marriage, and other, more life-affirming pursuits.

The 35-year-old also let MTV in on his recovery process for the special Steve-O: Demise and Rise.


He may have been born there, but you don't generally acquaint Steve-O with jolly old England. Kinda like when we watch all these other Sham Yankees on TV.

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