• Taylor Swift went on vacation and this is a video of her in short shorts and bikinis. Ahhh! So scandalous. Not really, actually, her wholesomeness always shines through.

It's true, there really is only one way to settle this thing going on with Tiger Woods, his wife and his alleged lady friends: bikini showdown. (These bikini ladies are not so wholesome.)

Glamour magazine claims to have given Kim Kardashian a makeunder. But why does she still have so much makeup on? Perhaps they were referring to the turtleneck they made her wear.

Need some ideas on how to spend obscene amounts of money on organic, macrobiotic, pompous Christmas presents this year? You know where to turn: Gwyneth!

Someone's trying to start some dramz between Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba.

Who makes a more boring cover girl: Hilary Duff on Nylon or Amanda Bynes on Cosmo? Think that over and get back to us.


Taylor's not the only one rocking a bikini today, is that her frenemy Miley Cyrus we spy in our Big Pic?

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