George Clooney, Elisabetta Cannalis

Jon Furniss/Getty Images

"After that, he would usually have to make a very polite exit. He handles [the adoring women] very well though!"

Up in the Air executive producer Michael Beug talking 'bout how when George Clooney met girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, he had to change how he deals with his lusty female fan base.

Jeez. Don't tell us the Cloonster's soon to be off our Sneaky Bachelors list? See, Mr. C. liked to go out quite a bit while filming Up in the Air all over Middle America, and wherever George went, lots of boobs were sure to follow...

"He actually would go out on his own on the town as long as people didn't know he was coming," Beug dished. "He would have fun for at least an hour or two until a group of 25 or 30 women would spot him! When the first one made the rush for George it would all be over!"

"All be over," that is, until Canalis got into the picture. Then it really was o-v-e-r. Ever since the Italian temptress sneaked into Georgey's life, it certainly looks as if he's changed his womanizing ways.

But a tiger can't change his stripes, right? Or not?

This girl is hardly the last of George's conquests; however, we will give her props when due. She's met the mom, the best friend (Brad Pitt) and the best friend's woman-eating wife (Angelina Jolie), and Elisabetta is still hanging around.

We've got respect for you, girlfriend! Just know the odds are against ya, at this point, even though G.C.'s normally carousing antics aren't.


What do you think: Will we have to take George off our Bachelor list?

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