Jaimee Grubbs, Tiger Woods

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Tiger Woods had to know one of the world's greatest truths—girls talk.

In an exclusive on-camera interview, a former friend the golf star's latest lady pal shares all she knows of VH1 star Jaimee Grubbs' trysts with the sports icon.

"It seemed like she genuinely had feelings for him," the 24-year-old San Diego cocktail waitress' friend reveals to E! News. "It seemed like it had every element of a relationship. She mentioned they watched movies, played video games."

Some of those feelings, however, were downright dirty.

"She read a couple [of his text messages] to us and she showed us a couple," the friend says. "I don't know the exact wording but they were definitely X-rated."

Grubbs' former friend says she's surprised the alleged affair "didn't come out a lot sooner."

More to come…

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