It's nice to hear Adam Lambert talk about something other than his AMA performance. (Plus, it's about time we move on from that so that we can turn our complete focus toward Tiger Woods.)

But before we purge our memories of Glambert and his so-last-week scandal, let's watch him talk about the validation he gets from performing onstage. Talking to Sirius Radio, he recounted his past as a 250-pound ugly duckling and how "that creates some stuff...some body-image stuff, some confidence issues," he admits. "And I got a lot of my confidence from the validation I got as a performer."

Luckily for us, then he was able to bring his uncensored (and skinnier) self to the stage for all the world to see...and complain about to ABC.


Say what you want about Adam Lambert, but at least he's articulate and straightforward unlike these douches.

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