Elin Woods, Tiger Woods

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Score a few points for Team Elin.

Tiger Woods' neighbors responsible for making the 911 call early Friday morning claim it was the golf god's wife who told them to pick up the phone.

Bill Sharpe, the attorney for Linda Adams and her adult sons Jarius and Jerome Adams, gave a press conference this morning. According to the lawyer, the Adams trio stepped outside their Orlando-area home just after hearing Woods' SUV collide with the fire hydrant and tree.

Elin Nordegren Woods, visibly upset, urged them to call for help. In that moment, however, the Swedish model was not clutching a golf club. (Officials have said she used a club to smash the back window of the Escalade to free her husband.)

"He was laying in the road. Mrs. Woods was beside him trying to help him," Sharpe said. "He couldn't get up. Whether he was conscious, unconscious, I don't know."

Sharpe said his clients brought the star blankets and pillows to make him more comfortable. They described the linkster as woozy and showing scratches on his face.

As for why the neighbors stepped forward now?

The lawyer explained that he was retained to further drive home the Adamses' claim that they have omitted no details from eyewitness report of the incident.

"My clients feel like that somebody believes they saw something that they're not telling anybody about. That's not true," Sharpe said. "They told police and everybody else what they knew about this."

The Florida Highway Patrol is expected to give updated information regarding the crash after 3 p.m. ET today.


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