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5 Reasons Why There Should Be a Statue of Ryan Lochte

Wed., May. 08, 2013 12:30 PM PDT by Andy Neuenschwander

On this Sunday's episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, Ryan will be getting a plaster mold of his chest done. That got us thinking...there really needs to be a statue of Ryan Lochte.

Need a reason why? Here are five:

Ryan Lochte, Cosmopolitan Jsquared photography/Cosmopolitan
Ryan Lochte, Instagram Instagram
Ryan Lochte Instagram
Ryan Lochte Courtesy: Jeremy Womack, Womack Photography
Ryan Lochte GIF

Of course, he's also an Olympic gold medalist who devotes time to charity and helps kids with muscular dystrophy. But, you know, priorities.

Tune in on Sunday at 10:30/9:30c to watch Ryan's abs become an actual statue on an all-new What Would Ryan Lochte Do?