Ryan Lochte has become a transcendent figure in the world of sports. A cultural obsession and arguably the single-most desired young male athlete in the country, the 11-time Olympic medalist returned from the 2012 London Games as a global phenomenon and focal point of media frenzy, going on to break yet another world record at the Short Course World’s in Istanbul in the 100 IM, just months after his remarkable performance at the London Olympics.

    A family man through and through, Ryan credits his parents (both swim coaches) for his success, and his siblings for his motivation. A University of Florida graduate, Ryan was a two-time NCAA Swimmer of the Year, 24-time NCAA All-American, and 7-time NCAA Champion.

    Ryan’s primary focus remains underwater, but also has high hopes for the impact What Would Ryan Lochte Do? could have for the sport of swimming. In his own words, his goal for the show is to “give swimming the spotlight it deserves. Swimming remains the most-watched event in the Olympic Games, but people only get to see it once a year.” He aims to “bring the sport of swimming into American households on a daily basis, just like the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.”

    Covering more magazines than your average A-list Hollywood actor, Ryan also stays busy with his blue chip roster of corporate sponsorships (Speedo, Nissan, Gatorade, AT&T, etc.), and when he can, tries to break away to spend time with the love of his life, his Doberman, Carter.


    Devon is Ryan’s younger brother who lives with him in Gainesville. Devon is finishing school at the University of Florida, and hopes to start a career as a swim coach. Devon earned a full scholarship to the University of Florida as a swimmer, but quit the team during his second year. When he’s not hanging out with Ryan, he spends his time fishing, skating at the local skate park, and spending time with his girlfriend, Courtney.

    Devon moved to Florida with his family at a young age after living in New York. As he grew up, Devon always wanted to hang out with Ryan. Wherever Ryan and his friends went, Devon followed. He’s only lived in Gainesville for college but he loves being in Florida with his brother.

    Some people have been intimidated by Devon because of his last name, but he claims that he isn’t very cool at all. He’s seen what fame can bring and doesn’t want anything to do with it. Devon is very protective of his family and his brother and just wants to live a normal life, despite his last name.


    Gene quickly became close friends with Ryan after meeting him through mutual friends. The two connected instantly because of their good spirits and generous personalities. They both agree that you have to work hard to follow your dreams and never give up.

    As a part of the Lochterage, Gene aims to protect Ryan, steering him away from people who may want to take advantage of him. Having Ryan’s best interest in mind, Gene has not only become one of Ryan’s best friends, but he has also become Ryan’s day to day assistant, handling his appointments, bills, and getting him ready for various trips.

    Born and raised in Gainesville, Gene is active in charity work. He is also a former track and field athlete and is has been with his girlfriend Morgan for three years.


    Ike, Ryan’s mom, became involved in swimming since both her daughters were interested in the sport. She started as a volunteer, became a lifeguard, and when the family moved to Daytona, she became the coach of the head age group. For Ike, swimming was a way to keep her family together.

    Originally from Cuba, Ike is very supportive of all her children and a lover of kids in general. After leaving her career as a swim coach, she began working at a childcare center and hopes to open a swim school for underprivileged kids.

    Like Ryan, Ike is an optimist, always opting to see the good in those around her. She aims to stay positive and only wants what’s best for her family.


    Kristin is Ryan’s oldest sister and biggest protector. Like Ryan, and the rest of her siblings, Kristin grew up spending time in and around the pool. Working now as a swim coach for college students, Kristin is encouraging her children to take on swimming as well.

    Kristin takes pride in being a wife and a mother. She has two young sons and is hoping to expand her family even more. She loved living with her siblings as a kid and wants only the same for her children.

    She considers herself the “gatekeeper” when it comes to her siblings’ romantic lives. Kristin has screened her sister’s husband, Devon’s girlfriend and has only approved one girl for Ryan so far. Although she comes off as intimidating, Kristin is really a big softie, believing that knowing where you’re going is one thing, but having fun getting there is most important of all.


    Megan, Ryan’s older sister, is considered the free spirit of the family. She takes pride in being creative and different. Like her siblings, Megan grew up swimming. Her life revolved around water and she is a natural athlete, earning college scholarships in swimming, and track and field.

    A loving mother and wife, Megan is especially proud of her family and all that they have accomplished. Growing up, she was very close with Ryan as the two would constantly goof off with one another.

    Megan’s best quality is the ability to constantly remain positive. She loves life and absorbs a lot of her energy from the creative people she surrounds herself with.
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