Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson are not ones to shy away from the latest beauty trends, no matter how gory.

In this clip from this Sunday's all-new WAGS L.A., Olivia takes Natalie for a very bloody vampire facial.

"It's good for wrinkles, it's good for sunspots. We're gonna blog about it, we have to, we have to, it's a vampire facial!" Olivia exclaimed.

After getting their faces numbed and prepped for the procedure, the girls were ready to "dine in hell," but not without a little fun first.

Natalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson, WAGS


The girls tested out the numbing cream by giving each other a hefty slap to the face.

"Olivia, can you feel your face? I won't wind up, okay, a little baby tap. See, it was nothing," Natalie reassured Liv.

A few slaps later, it was time for the blood.

"You are gonna die when you see yourself," Olivia told Nat.

After a look in the mirror, Nat realized red wasn't really her color. While Olivia was all about her new bloody look, Nat couldn't miss a moment to poke fun at her cousin.

"You kinda look like a tampon," Natalie told Liv.

The day of bloody facials ended with a well deserved treat, a gigantic pepperoni pizza.

Watch the girls get their vampire on in the goofy clip above.

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