What better way to spice up your marriage than with a little role play?

In this clip from Wednesday's all-new Total DivasTrinity (Naomi) Fatu brought Jimmy (Jon) Uso to a costume shop to get some ideas, but when Jon came out in some 18th Century garb, Trin wasn't feeling it.

"The whole point of us doing role play is to turn each other on and to spice things up. I'm not trying to get it on with no Shakespeare," a frustrated Trinity said.

Trinity Fatu, Jimmy Uso, Total Divas


From there it was Jon as Prince, Jon the pimp and Jon the disco dude. But none of those looks did it for the Smackdown Women's champ.

"He is totally missing the whole point of this. He's gone. He's on a 10. He's doing too much," Trinity exclaimed.

It looks like it's a no for role play.

Check out the LOL moment in the clip above.

Watch a brand new Total Divas Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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