A friendship was born! 

Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss are possibly two of the most unlikely friends to ever exist. Between Nia's sarcastic humor and Alexa's enthusiastic demeanor, it is a wonder these ladies every really hit it off. So how did this friendship come to be?

When Nia went to her first tryout for the WWE, Alexa happened to be one of the helpers for the day. "I was extremely nervous about the tryout, so I got there early, like super duper early," Nia shared. "Yup, she was locked out of the building and I had to let her in," Alexa revealed. 

Instead of keeping to herself, Nia was a little extra chatty that day. "She was sitting there doing her workout and she didn't want to be bothered," Nia revealed. "But I couldn't help but want to talk to somebody." 

"So she came up and started talking my ear off," Alexa joked. "Then we started throwing jokes back and forth to each other and realized that we were going to be best friends." Well, they were right! Fast forward to today, and these two are pretty much joined at the hip! 

"Instantly we became best friends," Nia revealed. "I have such a dry humor and she totally gets me." See the ladies relationship unfold every week on Total Divas

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