"Seriously, what is your problem?"

Lana threatens to call the cops on Renee Young and Trinity Fatu on tonight's Total Divas. Lana, Renee, Trinity and Rusev are away on a trip to attend a charity event when things get extremely tense between everyone.

In this clip from the episode, Renee and Trinity are having some late night fun in the pool. But when they wake up Lana, she's less than pleased.

"Why are you being so loud? I'm sleeping and now my heart's racing because you keep on waking me up," Lana says.

"What are you 65?" Renee responds.

"I'm gonna call the cops if you guys don't quiet it down," Lana warns them.

Total Divas

Renee then tells Lana, "I'm sorry what? I can't hear you over all of our fun."

But Lana is in no mood to mess around and asks Renee, "What is wrong with you?"

And that's just the start of the explosive argument! Watch the Total Divas clip above to see Lana call Renee a "mother f--king bitch."

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