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Good things come to those who wait!

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Total Divas star Nattie Neidhart dished about John Cena's epic proposal to Nikki Bella at WrestleMania and how happy she is to finally see her good friend's deepest desire come true after four years.

"It's every girl's dream to have a proposal, but WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year for WWE and WWE is our home," Nattie explained. "It's Nikki's home. It's John's home. It's my home. And we welcome the WWE Universe into our home, so to be able to share that WrestleMania moment, which was by the way, a first-ever in WWE history and just do it in front of our family, for Nicole and John, I think they're both probably still on cloud nine."

"It was very surreal because Nicole she's just dreamed of that for so long," Nattie continued. "Literally, through every single season of Total Divas, that's always been her biggest wish is that she could be Mrs. Cena. John is the love of her life and she's the love of John's life, but there's lots of different reasons why people don't officially tie the knot. She kind of partially resigned herself to thinking, 'Well, if it doesn't happen I still love John. He's still the love of my life. Nothing is ever going to change that.'"

However, the WWE Superstar and Cenation leader had other plans in mind. "In true John Cena fashion, he was and still is the knight in shining armor and made those dreams come true for her," Nattie said. "It's cool to see it all come to fruition and it's cool to see that Nicole got her fairytale ending."

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So, did Nattie have any idea the proposal was happening beforehand? Well, not quite.

But she could tell John was unusually anxious before his mixed tag team match. "I could sense throughout the day that John was nervous," Nattie revealed. "I kept seeing him walk past me. It just seemed like something was on his mind. We see John Cena and he's larger than life and the biggest superstar in WWE history, but he's still a person just like the rest of us. I liked seeing that human side of John that really just showed how much he cares about Nicole." Aww!

But now that the ring is out of the way, it's time to plan the wedding. But according to Nattie, there's a possibility Nikki could become a major bridezilla!

"I'm not ruling it out with her," she joked. "All of us girls have a bridezilla in us and I know this speaking from experience because I was a little bit of a bridezilla, but I didn't even mean to be. I hope we can see that side from Nikki just for the entertainment." LOL!

Stay tuned, folks!

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